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Drop database in 11gR2 RAC & Updating OCR

July 24, 2013 Leave a comment

1. Login as oracle user and stop the database

srvctl stop database -d racdb


2. Start the first instance in mount state

srvctl start instance -d racdb -i racdb1


3. Set CLUSTER_DATABASE=FALSE and shut it down

alter system set cluster_database=false scope=spfile sid=’*’

shut immediate


4. Start the database in restrict mode

startup exclusive restrict mount

drop database;


To remove archivelogs and backups

RMAN> drop database including backups;


Updating OCR

Issue below commands to update OCR

srvctl remove database -d racdb


If there is any issue in removing database details from OCR due to unknown state, remove the resource using crsctl

crsctl delete resource ora.racdb.db

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