1. RAC – 11gR2 startup sequence

2. Upgrading GI and Database from to


4. Apply PSU patch – Grid Infrastructure

5. 11gR2 CRSCTL commands

6. Managing ASM Disk Groups

7. Drop database in 11gR2 RAC & Updating OCR

8. Disable ntpd and make ctssd active – 11gR2 RAC

9. Deinstall Old Clusterware after upgrading to newer version

10. De-configure & Re-configure 11gR2 Grid Infrastucture

11. Configuring ASM disks using UDEV

12. Convert non-asm standalone database to RAC with ASM – 11gR2

13.What are candidate & provisioned disks in ASM

14. Online Disk Migration through ASM rebalancing

Standby & Dataguard

1. Standby Databases – Oracle 11g

2. DGMGRL – Scenarios(Command Line) –11gR2

3. Monitoring Standby Databases

4. Physical standby setup on Oracle 11gR2 – With Switchover/Failover

5. DG Broker Configuration with fast_start failover & Observer

6. Testing DG Broker/fast_start failover configuration

7. Configuring TNS entries for failover – Standby databases


1. Backup Control Files – Are they special?

Oracle Basics

1. Managing ASM Disk Groups

2. Uninstalling oracle software – Windows

3. Temporary Tablespaces

4. How does an instance registers with the listener


1. Set your hostname in Linux

Miscellaneous Articles

1. Automate database Startup and Shutdown

2. Configure your sql prompt

3. Oracle XML DB installation/re-installation

4. Create AWR reports manually

5. Configuring DNS server

6. ExtProc in Oracle

7. How to create multiple db links with global_names set as ‘TRUE”

8. Oracle DB Links

9. AWR Reports

10. Setting up your db profile on linux(in bash shell)

11. Recreating your Oracle Inventory

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